Top 3 Gallery Wall Designs For Your Home

Say goodbye to your empty walls and hello to personalized style!
It goes without saying that the design of your home is a very personal undertaking. Your home provides a canvas on which you can illustrate who you are. A gallery wall design is one way to share your story by flaunting your personal style through décor to create a space you love to look at from every angle.
Gallery walls are very popular and here to SLAY!
Essentially, a gallery wall can be defined as a curated collection of items displayed in a grouping. They are a fun way of making a personal statement in your home, and can be incorporated in any room on any blank wall space. The items can range in quantity, and vary in shape, size, and texture. It truly is a fun and creative way to showcase your most treasured memories, art prints, posters, and wall sculptures.
Design Tips
  • Decide on a color scheme and look for pieces that feature the colors in your palette for a put-together look.
  • Mix it up! Make sure you include a good mix of large and small pieces for a well-balanced design.
  • For a sleek look, you can choose to work with the same frame for all your photographs to capture more of a clean and elegant design that is simple but just as impactful.
  • There are no rules! 
Whatever your preference, always think outside the box. Be creative not only with the items, but with the design as well. Let the architectural features of your space influence your decision. Most importantly, make sure you have fun with it.
Gallery Wall Styles
Here are three different gallery wall styles to consider when planning for your home.
Mixed Materials
If you love variety, this style is all about mixing and matching art with 3D objects, different textures, and various shapes. It encourages creativity for a look that is diverse yet cohesive. Consider using pieces you’ve collected from your travels, letters/numbers, and antique finds from your local thrift shop. Getting creative with your décor while staying true to the overall aesthetic of the room can be tricky. But, you can still create a harmonious mood throughout your space by incorporating pieces that compliment your color scheme, and the overall mood of the room.
Organized Grid
This style is perfect for the DIYer who craves more of a luxe, and sophisticated design for a space that is chic and timeless. This option is also great for those who love a symmetrical look. You can use frames of uniform size, or you can mix it up. Be creative with placement, quantity and size. To vary consider using different colored frames, and include both personal photographs, and prints of your favorite cities, celebrities, and even abstract art.  
Picture Ledge Gallery Wall
Picture ledges provide the most versatile option for a gallery wall you can update frequently with minimal hassle. Also, they are very inexpensive, they come in various colors, size, and style. They create a modern looking design that is subtle, and convenient for those who love to freshen up their home décor often. Again, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Just using framed art is lovely, but you can also add candles, small sculptures, and mini succulents. Feel free to add whatever pieces bring you joy as long as it fits on the ledge.
I love gallery wall designs.
Gallery walls add drama and personalization to your space. Naturally, they demand attention, so they are a great design option to establish a focal point in any room. It is a simple way to elevate the design and reinforce the mood of the space.
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Essentially, I bring your vision to life by creating a design custom to your space and personal style. I find all the items needed for your gallery wall, and with your input, we land on a design that you’re happy with before purchasing anything.
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