Bold Home Office Makeover

Working from home full-time as a result of COVID has been my new favorite thing. I've been WFH since March 16, and most likely until next year. I am forever grateful to be able to work from home amidst the chaos of 2020.
Recognizing how lucky I am, and hoping this might be a permanent thing, I decided my home office needed a makeover. In order to perform my job, I needed to upgrade my home office to one that made me want to get shit done!
lOl, I needed a space that was going to allow me to be productive, stay organized, and inspire creativity. My current setup was not very motivating or encouraging. Not to be overly dramatic, but it was dull, and it made the transition to full-time remote almost unbearable.
The before:
Ugh, this was my basic and very boring setup in my living room. It got the job done, but it needed some serious styling.
My vision:
Create a work from home office that was functional, separate from the living area, and gorgeous. I knew I wanted to introduce color by incorporating a wall design. For some inspo I headed to Pinterest. I came across the interior color blocking trend, and immediately fell in love,
Color Blocking Trend
Color blocking is a creative way to decorate with paint. I love how this trend uses geometric shapes/lines as wall designs to highlight decor, architectural features in the room, and furniture. This style gives me very chic, clean, and modern vibes that I absolutely love.
The Design:
I knew I wanted to add visual height, brightness, and highlight the most essential furniture piece: my desk!
I also wanted a cohesive look.
For the design, I decided on a 9ft high rectangular shape the same length as the desk, 48in. The T-shaped legs of the desk helped inspire the 3in border. I also love how it elevates the design without doing much.
For color, I went with Behr English Daisy which is a gorgeous bright yellow. Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. It represents creativity and confidence. All the amazing things that I need in my life.
The process:
For this project I used painter's tape and my laser level to layout the design on the wall. This was a really fun and quick DIY project that I really enjoyed. For tips on how to get straight, professional looking lines, check out my blog post on DIY Accent Walls.
The results:
Before styling
After Styling
In addition to what I already had, I incorporated a few new pieces that really brought everything together so nicely.
A Pair of Wall Lamps
Good lighting is necessary. I added these gorgeous wall lamps from Ikea for functional lighting. I used Cordmate's cord organizer to hide the cord running down the wall for a clean look. I also used a wooden box cord organizer to hide the power strip underneath the desk. Because no one wants to see that. Am I right?
36" Acrylic Floating Wall Shelf
An acrylic floating shelf to match with my glass desk. These came in a pair and they are perfect for displaying art. I have here my Bachelor's degree. I might change it later on, but for right now it works.
Vertical Laptop Stand
To clear up desk space and prevent my MacBook Air from overheating I opted in for a vertical laptop stand. This is great for when I connect my laptop to the monitor for work.
Small Snake Plant
Plants are a proven way to help increase productivity and clean the air. I also love how it adds an element of freshness to the space. I picked up both the plant and the bamboo plant pot at Ikea!
All other pieces are linked here:
Completely obsessed.
So in love.
I am so happy with my new home office.
It's chic and bright and gorgeous to look at all day.
It is so important to remember that your environment impacts your productivity and enthusiasm. When planning for your home office keep in mind that it should be a space reflective of your personal style, functional, and conducive to your productivity without sacrificing good design.
For all questions regarding my design services connect with me here.
Live beautifully,